I am responding to the hasty questions of people who call me comprehensively:
“I have constant fatigue” – you have constant laziness

“I think I have a lower level of testosterone” – if you have it at all, change the female and then make conclusions “I think my thyroid is in disorder “ – something I’m shudder on it

For two seconds, you need to google the look of people with hypo or hyperthyroidism and shamefully look at yourself in the mirror. How do you want to copy yourself such a wicked disease from the desire to lose the weight, for God sake? The right of a true ill person who fights for a normal life?

“Disrupting thyroid work, preparing for the competition. Really?! Additionally to 5 hormones jointly, 500g of cooked hens daily and 5% of body fatit has slowed down.

You know what you see when you see a straight dogribsvisible, a dropped ears, and a sad look? This is your state of the human body with 5% body fat, but the problem is in your observation because you are sad why one animal is so bad looking while a man with 5% bf Adonis-male! It would be hard for a Spartan to fight for more than 10 minutes with this percentage of fat, but there are fairy tales.

I met a couple of days ago, one granny, two pails in her hands, a form with no additional skin, running to each dehydrated, psychostimulated bikini competitor.

What did you get for a breakfast granny? “I do not know, what’s left from last night”

“When you did the blood analyses granny?” I was ready to be thrown to the hell “get away from me, maybe in Klington’sSloba’s time”

Maybe she has a thyroid disorder and does not know?

I am depressive” , is also unscrupulous adoption of an enormous amount of pain, because you have been relieved of alcohol for the weekend and wasted dopamine stocks. Personally I am ashamed that I ever thought I was depressed.

“I have arrhythmias and irregular heartbeat” – normally because you are scared and it is not a machine at all.

The guy on the picture below used this sentence as a form of self-defense during the training of the leg.

I saw, but I’m not a doctor to assess, scheduled an examinationof a cardiologist and, ups, I’m feeling a pain in my legs.

As you could see on the photo, he rid of the blockade, on his happiness.

“I’m going less to the toilet” – maybe because you eat less half as you used to? “I partially keep the diet” – why do not you drive a car partly with 20% less fuel? “I have an accelerated metabolism” – go kiss your mother “My bones are heavy”. “I lost my power” – you have targeted yourself in this state, it is not until the blood results, it is because of move.

It looks like this: 

You have Ferrari in your hands, it’s your body, your health, your life, golden Ferrari, you control the curve, you’ve gotten a fine, congrats, and then you want to straighten out, but the Rear-wheel Drive throws you to the other side, you correct the right, make ten circles and thank to the God that nobody came from the opposite direction. (Isn’t?)

More and more all of that is complicated, because you wear it on your shoulders.

Every segment of your life is on the end: The cave.

Your catch, your comfort zone, your naked female or male, and the essence of being and existence as well as before million years.

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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