Cardio timing

cardio timing

Cardio timing

I’ll make a throwback and list the worst moments

  • match it with strength work out. If done before the training (walking is wanted because of the warming up and lifting the temperature) only discharge of glycogen depots and the loss of the pump at the work out. If done after the training (the worst option) everything loses its meaning, take blood from the trained muscles and send it to the lower extremities. The aim of the training was to bring blood and nutrients into the muscles and then eventually suppress it from there. I do not understand. – In the evening, lately we have started to live at night, if we did a comparison with the human life and human species life, that would be about 2 secundas, so the body sleeps, even if you are awake.
  • with a full stomach, blood is in the stomach + weight, high blood sugar, etc. The last sentence is our introduction to the best time of cardio training. After waking up. From the psychological side, the word itself, awakening, it means the birth, the blooming, the beginning. From the physiological side, an empty stomach, blood sugar level is stable. Who is on a diet is likely to have discharged glycogen stores but enough amino acids in the system that will be used to guard the gained muscles ( if you have eaten enough meat the day before, it has been digested and adopted today ). The level of cortisol or the hormone of stress. Doing the morning cardio is very stressful even if we have done it for millions of years in the morning ( we used to hunt when the wildlife was active and the fish was biting ).

I’ll give you an example of the famous stress hormone. You were in a traffic accident. Happily without consequences, but the stress is huge. Adrenaline, cortisol, insulin all goes to dust. Hands are shaking, your mouth is dry, you breathe fast and you want to go to the toilet because the body needs to empty.

You calm yourself down slowly but are you happy? Of course not. You went running in the morning, do you feel panic or you feel good and ready for the day?

Where is cortisol ( like subcutaneous water and stopping a diet ) in men running a marathon , boxers, triathlets? A builder is not an example nor am I an example because I am able to take medicine if I have a headache due to a lack of sugar in the diet. Example are millions of people who jog at 5 in the morning and go to work.

Drugs in use (with large contraindications because everything has its bright and dark side, which cause insomnia, overuse), a huge muscle mass for a few calories because you’re always in a hurry and cardio is the culprit for the subcutaneous water. This is only my opinion, based on some poor past experience and a bit of common sense, do not rely on it 100%. Kiss!

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