“Can I have something different for a meal, I’m bored with this?”

something different for a meal

“Can I have something different for a meal, I’m bored with this?”

Boredom is a feeling and food is existence, so why do we all connect two totally untouchable worlds? Because of the greed. If we hadn’t tried something different, we wouldn’t have been bored, more accurately, we would not have even thought about possible choices.

Something like, I can go by car so why going on foot. We were born with it, but we have raised the standard. Raised standard – increased risk of a death caused by an acceleration, ie a traffic accident. Can you make a parallel now? Have you ever heard that an animal died of obesity or diabetes? I have, but it has been tamed and it was given a choice of food, meal time and reduced movement, in other words an increased standard 🙂

Eating what is necessary, I know we are all fucked up because of the profit, so what remains here is what led us to that. Brain and consciousness.

You could go to a meeting or you could never go again, you can eat what you should eat or you can eat what you want to eat only with the hope that you are in the right iso 001 standard. The future is in the root not in the leaves, although the leaves are better, I admit it. Bye.

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