Camel’s nose


Camel’s nose

We’ve got sugar substitute, juice and whey in all possible flavors but it’s not enough and now we have no carbs pancakes, all syrups and creams with 0 calories, chips and pasta. Pure attack on your weaknesses under “it’s allowed” slogan. Is it, really?

It is, but we have two problems. The body knows what to do with sugar but this is its first encounter with aspartame ever. So, great amounts have to end up somewhere, junk goes into a filter, so the liver is 🙁 Unfortunately, the filter in our body doesn’t change..

Second, we’ve got a pancake with cream and cherry syrup which has 5gr of carbs! But there’s something missing. What? It’s like when a black hair girl puts on a blond wig and you are happy because you have a blond girlfriend..

It doesn’t matter if you still want THAT pancake.

The point is not to include toxins into your diet in order to lose a few pounds (kilograms), so if you can’t stop eating, then eat and exercise, at least you will feel better.

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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