The only muscle desirable at both sexes and it made me write. What does the butt represent to us, what has represented and what it shows us. Female – You are also familiar with cave paintings of curvy women in all cultures as a symbol of fertility, the so-called plumpness, health, a certain specimen to carry on the human kind, the goal of every and each species, a cellular cell division in ideal conditions, etc., etc. Male – Stability until paper appeared, but not that one but the one with the hologram, stamina, strength, fertility in both cases, again a certain specimen to continue the human kind.

Now that we have explained the role of the ass through history, let’s take a look at real meaning which is interwoven with the above-mentioned factors. You are all familiar with the phrase “squat increases the level of testosterone”, which is partly correct, partly because nothing will increase the test above the normal limit, but if your endocrinology system is a mess it can increase and up to 2,3x which can cause fertility…the longest sentence.

Yes, the 21st century problem. How? Because it hurts, among other things. What does the pain have to do with it? Well, we have been generally mollusks for half a century and beasts for 1,500,000 years. Pain has made the selection in 30,000 times longer time period. πŸ™‚ Do you believe in pain now? So, the leg work out hurts, lower extremity circulation, less fat deposits, – less capillaries – greater potency, awaking of the body – the ideal environment for cell division – the continuation of the species – baby.

Can all this be done by your leg training or am I talking nonsense? Well, it is cheaper than artificial insemination and maybe a little more painful, but more pleasant, for sure. After all, the trial is free and there are many parallels for mere coincidence. Silicone do not count only the real deal.

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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