Breather in movement


Breather in movement

Get a break in your training movement, if you’ve ever seen a tempo 3-0-2.

So, flexion for 3 seconds – stopping 0 seconds – extension for 2 seconds.

You can have breathers at any time you want, even in the middle of move. A second or two.

Why? Muscle fibers are similar to a rubber, that is, a sudden force makes a reflex contraction so if you are playing bounce, you minimize the lassitude of a targeted section and a rubber can snap too and that’s not good.

What is good, then? Much less load is needed when a movement with a break is controlled. Wait, that’s actually not good, everyone is gonna laugh at you because you are weak. 🙂 We can all agree on one thing and that’s trashing our ego. Hey, all egoists talk bad about ego. Fine, ego connected to weights, ok. Try with movement breaks, shock, get bigger tension, feed, kiss your biceps and repeat.



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