Body melancholy and true line of life habits

Everything in our body has its oscillations: breathing, heart beating, being awake, asleep, happy or sad.

Why not use that in our diet and our work out habits?

1. take in 75gr of carbs a day
2. take in 50-100-0-150-50-175-0 gr of carbs a week.

The average is the same and body affect very much different. Why? Because, here’s how body reacts in the first case: There’s the carbs, let me save some for later, I’m gonna be out of those in the next 24 hours. Our metabolism works by the -God forbid- principles because its goal is to survive and not to look good. We have to trick, outsmart and shock it by constant oscillations and new things, reward and deprive when needed. You wake up in the morning, put your trainers on and start your standard jogging route. Your body says: This one wants to burn the fat again. Pulse is almost getting normal in time because of repeating it over and over again…

Cheat-outsmart-shock-enjoy the result.

Diet plan to bring your body shape to desired perfection, based on special unique program, according to your waist size.

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  1. NIce and very interesting.

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