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Only a healthy man can advance to his ideal mold, someone said once, so let’s run through the simplest and lately, the most mysterious, most complex and most desirable tendency. You probably had a handful of examples of a man living like this or like that and the same number of paradox with our very own Grim Reaper. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific ending of this life, but there we have an immune disease, ranging from frequent colds, viruses to cancer.

We are more advanced, more educated, more elaborate, but still helpless. Natural selection or us? In general, life span and number of human species is longer, we win, as well as the squirrel at the Central Park, but … when that someone from the statistics is a dear person or you are THE squirrel, it is not like that. It’s not easy, either.

I will bypass a group that isn’t thinking of what they eat, and they don’t read this anyway, so it’s an unnecessary sentence. Monotony. We need a little food, yes, the people I work with ( my clients ) eat a little, and who makes machines so they spend 2000+ calories, a great job, I don’t know how. A little food, but occasional outbursts that will feed all the micros without which the body does not function. I don’t even know how many thousands of little things affect the metabolism, adoption, and immunity. One amino acid and there’s no use of others. One vitamin B and everything is in vain. A diet, yeah, rice and white meat, I’m calculating, punish myself and step on it. Until the first flu, anemia, iron drop, in other words, the immune system drops. Let’s go

Health pyramid

White meat, the top of “health” pyramid and a protein with no fat. The intensive production of livestock where meat is produced in less than 40 days, requires the use of antibiotics that enable undisturbed growth without the consequences of the disease. Counting that the meat isn’t for sale until it is clean, we have a growing problem of antibiotic resistance due to the quantity of production. The quantity is in question and more and more aggressive doses are in use because the weight of a chicken can be 40% lower and in 10 tons it is a big loss. I am writing as if it was done in a legal way. On our many decades of eating chicken meat and eggs, that’s a lot of antibiotics 🙂

Beef. Beef meat was a bad story during the crazy cows crisis, because a person, in all their egoism and a desire for profit thought that they could feed the same animal species to itself. The absurdity that made cows really “crazy” and led the human race to the same state. Luckily, the crisis was over, but the desire to consume “live” steak, rump steak and a burger leads to fatal outcomes due to lethal escherichia. So, only 2 minutes of meat baking at minimum of 69 degrees Celsius, brings this type of meat to the top of safety.

Horse meat

Although it is proven that consuming this meat affects the improvement of blood count in anemia, there are many factors that can lead to a serious health problem. Horses used as food are mostly elderly animals, and due to the specific way of feeding, there’s a significant amount of lead, canadium and mercury in their liver and kidneys which can lead to chronic diseases of the same organs with the people who eat a lot of horse meat.

It should be taken into consideration that a few sport horses are in our diet and they are treated with hormones that are forbidden to humans and there could be consequences. Immunological. From other types of meat, fish at the end, so praised and recommended … that if it is a river fish and free from the parasites and if it doesn’t come from the Baltic where the contents of mercury is so high that some fish are not consumed at all, and yes if it doesn’t contain histamine which can be fatal for children and pregnant women. A little fiber, I’ll be a hundred years old.

The Goal

The goal of the existence of the flora is obviously a purification, has anyone ever seen it coming, so many stupid things done on this planet, I don’t know but we have filters. Forests and meadows. Carbon dioxide into oxygen, hey, you give it away dirty and take it clean. Earth too. Spinach and rocket are the best “cleaners” of soil but wait, that is our top 1 healthy diet?

Recent research shows that 60% of vegetables and fruits in the EU, contain chemically higher amounts than allowed, although huge money is spent on controlling plants. Apples are coated with pesticides 18 times during a year … which is not so harmful to humans, but it causes dying of bees and a pollution of honey so it doesn’t belong to medicinal foods anymore. How do you save the bees and your production? With antibiotics, of course. GMO ha, insufficient time for a serious long – term study, but a clone of a healthy individual.

One okay, the other okay, the thousandth okay, one thousand of the same ones. The decision of the higher power is a subjective view. In the end, you will ask, what to eat? All in a moderate way, not constantly the same and every day. Well washed, well-processed, purchased from a known person or from large systems with good self – control systems. I found a brier today and got the inspiration.

Thank you for reading.

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