Are small, frequent and healthy meals the biggest lie of fitness industry?

healthy meals

Are small, frequent and healthy meals the biggest lie of fitness industry?

It runs by the non – stop, feeding your body system, by the stable energy level, making your metabolism work faster, better digestion and all that under the GETTING FIT AND HEALTH parole. Does everything has to be backwards or is it just me? πŸ™‚

We blindly change our habits based on longtime studies while we overlook a million – year long studies. Our digestion tract is made for chewing, swallowing, digesting, using, throwing it out!

Let’s do it the other way. You swallow, your stomach doesn’t get the information about eating and it excretes a little bit of acid, here comes a new meal, fibers, puffed stomach, it throws out the intruder. I’m no doctor or a wise man, this is logic. Thousands of years before, we ate a meal, xxx processes started in our body while we stand still, everything calmed down, the new meal came and today, driven by health theory, the xxx processes never stop working. All hormones ( insulin especially ) go wild up and down and block lipolysis or loosing weight, bowels work non – stop so it comes down to inflammation, digestion problems and bad immunity – illness not health.

β€œIf we ate like sparrows, we would live for 200 years”. That’s correct. And sparrows would drive cars if they were human. The other thing, everybody is overwhelmed by macros even though they would be nothing without micros but it’s all about protein, carbs and fat.

I’m going on a diet, I made peace with going down. 5X150gr of white meat and 5x50gr of rice because macros is being respected. No enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other micros stuff.

How are you going to adopt that macros?
What has always been our food source, without oscillations? Meat, green vegetables, something that grows in nature. Every omnivorous species changes its diet according to weather changes during one year and it easily digests every meal. Learn something from that, superior species!

We want an abnormal way to get to something that is normal but it’s just that simple. As you can tell. πŸ™‚

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