Anabolic window

anabolic window

Anabolic window

Something that sounds like a tip for a match fixing, an American dream. It’s like this, you are eating beans all day long and there’s an after workout period where you’ll get some high – quality meat because there’s an open window, for God’s sake, and the rest of day doesn’t matter.

If you do your part right, then a whole day is your anabolic window, not just half an hour after the workout. “Better amino acids absorption, more glucose, because our glycogen stocks are empty and fibers broken because of the weight – lifting training”.

Let’s put it this way. You woke up with sore muscles, isn’t that the perfect timing for feeding the muscles? You are going to bed exhausted, how about then? Digesting chicken and rice takes about two or two and a half hours and that’s three to three and a half hours after the training.

Why not prepare your body for post – workout recovery by having a meal before the workout (2 – 2,5h) and essential amino acids (1h) before it? If you have higher goals, you’ll know, if you don’t know, you will learn, there is no shortcut. Anabolic window starts from the moment you open your eyes until you go to bed, so use it.

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