You’re not gonna like this :). Muscles in the abdominal part are fast acting, so they need short and strong tension. 12 to 15 repetitions in one series max, full movement with strong contraction during the finish. Weight should depend on the exercise, personally I would avoid leg lifting because of the crotch, I would concentrate more on doing the exercise as slow as possible. Rocky Balboa did his exercises fast and a lot. Yeah, and Peter Pan could fly.

Abs as cardio? Let’s put it this way: triceps every day, 150 repetitions. Sounds crazy, right? Diet reveals them, training shows what is revealed. Full stop. All possible exercises for side abs: turnovers, that exercise like you are carrying two buckets etc, it’s great if you want broad waist. Lifting legs on a shaft  (if not on a bench) and roman bench, squat and deadlift in order to strengthen the core – end of story. What about You Tube models, builders and their daredeviling? Would anyone follow them if they did only 2 exercises, think about it? And I’m not angry, just putting things into a perspective, but why bother when everybody is going to continue their Bruce Lee style. Ok, maybe I am a little bit angry :). Cheers!

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