A calorie is a calorie


A calorie is a calorie

We are witnesses of a modern day nutrition where, a choice of macro nutrients (carbs, fat) is irrelevant for a source of energy.

Can I lose weight if I eat Nutella? Of course.
Can I gain weight if I eat almond? Of course.
Because… a calorie is a calorie and as long I’m in a deficit I’m gonna lose weight. Correct.

One hamburger. One chicken leg with bread. 1/2l of Coke.
1200 k cal altogether, 90% of people is going to lose weight on this kind of diet.

Why not do it like that? Morals? Fuck morals if you can cheat. But whom? Me? God?
No, my friend, you cheat yourself.

Short term results cause long term consequences. Remember that!

You’ve lost 20 pounds, look at yourself, is this the body you wanted? Eye bags, everything is loose, you don’t have the energy to walk. You haven’t lost weight, you are deadbeat, know the difference, euphoric man.

You are seriously hurting your metabolism, secretion of the hormones, psyche and you are destroying the muscle. You’re shutting down.

But the scale is the scale, yeah…

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