7 reasons why you are fat and on a diet your whole life

fat on a diet

7 reasons why you are fat and on a diet your whole life

I’m not yelling, no, it’s just a pompous title like in “Men’s health” or “Woman or something like that”. You are not on a diet, you’re just in this trip and you are convincing yourself. No plan, nor the beginning or ending. Something like, listening only to Madonna until Djani starts singing.

You are not eating enough, making a bad body form from your body, you demand from your 1.5dCi engine to accelerate and go 200km / h, but with a consumption of 3.5l. Why would the body release anything from itself if you hold it in a survivor mode the goal is survival rather than weight loss. The fat is a savings book for the body in this case. Do not be a 1.5dCi.

You are eating too little or empty calories. A similar situation as in the previous case with the fact that you are puffed. Rare irregular meals, current high pancreatic irritation, insulin hitting, and storage of triglycerides to the next meal.

You are not counting the snacks and pizza on your diet because it just passes through the body. Yes, and leave 500-600kcal that is on the weekly plan of 3500-4000kcal or half a kilo of the fat.

You have had an identical training for years. The essence of the survival of one kind is adjusting, making a parallel with your training, and you’ll see that, the consumption caused by the melancholy of your workout is equal to going for a walk by the river. In other words, zero of productivity. I nailed it with this last sentence.

Fat on diet

You are eating groceries only from the diet family. In the status of healthy food, I have explicitly explained, it’s all ok, but someone has to profit from this and being gullible is our strength.

And, of course, the last but not the least, the unpleasantness and pain caused by training or muscle stimulation (consumption). We do not like the pain much, and I will explain the every – day life circumstances backwards. To lose someone dear to us, the first day in the army, the first day in school, the first day in nursing, and finally, we are born in tears. 🙂 All these are our stakes that are repeatedly returned to us through health, smile and simply life, it just has to be a little hard. I said a little. Analyze it and see where there is a mistake or mistakes, and maybe once you end up a long-suffering diet 🙂 I’m lying, the diet does not exist, but the diet is time limited so that it is easier for a person to present it as time is the only measuring unit. And, along with this text imagine a Spanish guy coming out of the sea. Have a nice weekend my friends.

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