40 days sugar free

sugar free

40 day’s sugar free

There was a question of character, so I wanted to do something similar in my world, that is, 40 days without the free hydrates, the popular word sugar free. It was unethical not to eat sugar, while eating pizza, so I decided to go without flour and those snacks. Specifically, the goal wasn’t reducing the body fat, but I knew that the calorie deficit would do its own thing, and there’s the occasion to get my body fit. Note : there was rice and potato in my diet, I was eating carbs just excluding the free ones. A little of carbs but I still ate them. I didn’t think about failure, because I love these games, I was only worried about falling out of comfort, i.e. not having a high-entry ( intake ) day that I had justified by refreshing.

The opposite happened. I fell into comfort, which eventually did not turn out well, but I’ll talk about it later. I don’t know exactly when the craving for fast sugars stopped, but after about ten days I didn’t have any feelings while looking at sweets. The sense of smell was heightened and the smell itself didn’t change my mind. There was neither desire nor scarving. There was no sugar drop for even a second in those 40 days.

What are the benefits?

 I had no oscillations which means a constant energy level. After twenty days I started to wake up an hour earlier before the alarm and I never slept in the afternoon so I lived almost two days longer! What I wrote in the previous post, whether is something for me or not for me, I wasn’t paying attention if I was doing well. I had the goal and the fat removal to achieve, I had a deadline and I didn’t think about it. Luckily, I did everything with great results. I didn’t waste my time thinking about what to eat. I learned the difference between hunger, insulin hunger and psychical hunger.

The bad sides

 I consider myself to be an exerciser and a bit more serious outdoor person and it was obvious that after two weeks I needed a calorie jump of a few thousand. Weights are not taken seriously, but if you lift a dozen tons while training, I consider it an extremism for the body, so you need fuel.

I’ve put my mind to those 40 days and I’m going to do it, and if something goes wrong, I’ll know how to deal with it. Better me than you. There was no tiredness, except for the emptiness during the day, and that flattened look. After 30 days, I began to notice mild water retention on the body. That’s what is happening all over the Balkans ( I’m not fat but full of water ) so, let me explain. What I noticed under my fingers, that could see a dozen people in the Balkans, not to name them. And they would have to make an effort. Nevertheless, the bowels worked perfectly and the weight went down, so turn it off as parameters for metabolism. Cortisol and thyroid retardation. Again, I say this is impossible to notice and ask for an excuse for your looks.

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