Based on a 2 000 calorie diet


Based on a 2 000 calorie diet

You’ve seen this sentence whether it was on a label of a supplement or a product box. So, 20% of your daily values is enough for 20% of your daily intake of calories. Which means that 400 calories have got a 100 gr of product as long as it’s 20%.

New marketing tricks are calorie intake per 40gr etc where everything seems small and we seem to get bigger but that’s not today’s topic.

The topic is 2 000 calories as a basal metabolism. Right at the start I wouldn’t agree with this and lower it to 1 700 cal or even 1 500 calories. Maybe people used to work more before, I don’t know but I do know that the average of 2 000 cal is too much for men or women.

What is basal metabolism and how do you define it?

It’s the amount of a daily energy required to work and live. It means every move, breathing, heart beating, thinking. An ideal intake for an ideal basal metabolism is equal to a precise calories intake and a precise calories outgo so it comes to a zero at the end.

Nobody wants to be the same, everyone wants to, either gain or lose weight. They are thinking about precise basal metabolism and about surplus or deficit of calories after that or, at least, they should be thinking about that. There is basal metabolism in our imagination only!

What made me think like that? It’s like this: the type of macros you use to come to the famous 2 000 cal: water percentage, muscle percentage, body fat percentage, digestion, sensitivity, hormonal picture, the type of work out, a dream, character!

Etc etc.. It’s impossible to combine all these things as it is impossible to define the basal metabolism; even if someone determined it, the basal would change in five days time or it could be different at one body weight and completely different at the same body weight in a few months. And you have just grown to like the math of thousands and percentage, ha?

Put snickers into your daily value intake, of course. Here’s the silver lining for those who calculate: intake of protein in grams, carbs in grams, fat in grams. You determine and observe. If it’s good, don’t mess it up! You won’t know if it’s good after 2 days, so don’t screw it up, and you wait for 2 more weeks. If there is something to cut out of carbs or fat, you lower it ( do not cut it out ) for 300 cal and add 50 – 100 cal of protein. If there is something to boost up, add ( do not over do it ) 300 – 400 cal. 1 gram of protein 4cal, 1 gram of carbs 4cal, 1 gram of fat 9cal.

Be my guest.

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